Seventh day of Advent: preparation

December 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

I heard once from a friend who used to live in Canada that in the winter, Canadians sludge through the snow to their driveways where they warm up their car engines with machines called block heaters before turning them on. It’s so cold outside, if they turned on their cars without first warming them up, they would damage the engines. I’m told people who live in cold climates do this in the winter all the time.

I’m not a mechanically minded person. In fact, I avoid everything that has to do with mechanics. Right now, my tires are low on air and have been low on air for the last three weeks because I don’t want to drive to the gas station, push up my sleeves, crouch on the cement and fill up those tires. When people talk about mechanics to me, it pretty much goes through one ear and out the other.

But for some reason, the image of needing a block heater to heat up a car before even turning it on, let alone driving anywhere, stuck, and I can’t help but think it’s a good analogy for Advent.

Advent is the period of days leading up to Christmas when we prepare ourselves for the birth of Christ and what the birth of Christ means. We know the birth is a great and glorious thing, but before we can receive this immeasurable gift, we must prepare our hearts for receiving it. In the same way a car engine can’t be ignited until it’s been warmed, our hearts cannot understand the gift of the birth of Christ until they have reflected.

On this seventh day of Advent, I’m thinking about preparation and reflecting.

And now that I’ve written this, I guess there’s another thing I’ll do this seventh day of Advent: go fill my tires with air.


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