Nineteenth day of Advent: the time will come

December 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

“While they were there, the time came.”

The time came and the time will come.

The time that came was the time for Mary to have her son. The time that will come is the time for God to move, after all our waiting.

This morning, I’m thinking of God coming and when that time will be. I’m tired of waiting.

I don’t really mean this in the literal, God coming to Earth again sort of way. I mean it in the God holding his hand around my heart, offering a solution to the difficulties that weigh me down sort of way.

I read in Luke that, “the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son.”

I’m struck by this. I’m struck and encouraged that the waiting will end. Sometimes, I don’t believe it will. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve been waiting forever. I suppose we’ve been waiting a long time.

But it’s not a bad waiting. It’s a waiting that gives time to grow, just like the baby in Mary.

The Psalmist says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

The time will come.



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