Twenty-third day of Advent: approaching

December 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

This morning, I drink coffee from a white cup with green holly and red berries painted on the side. I light this green candle with its wax clumpy and melted from use. On my dresser across the room are lined stiff Christmas cards painted green and red and gold, baring words like Joy and Love.

Christmas is soon, this very week, only three nights away. This string of days, each checked off daily, each pressed through patiently, comes to a close.

Can you hear the plod of footsteps approaching Bethlehem?

Can you see the star shining bright on the darkest of nights?

Can you smell the pungent stench of straw and manure in the cold?

Do you feel that thing, that some thing, that hard sense beneath the ribs, that warmth in the stomach, that thing, that some thing that says: an extraordinary and unexpected event is about to happen?


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